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Employers and Recruiters Gonna Love Us!

What's the Value Proposition for Employers?

Recruiters and employers are very picky - as they should be. There's tons of options out there in terms of job boards, job sites, and aggregators looking to attract companies to utilize their services. We've heard of the big boys, i.e., Indeed, Snagajob, Monster, and the like charging enormous amounts to post opportunities or introducing creative payment models to attract companies. Yet, there's a downside that may not be initially apparent. Most candidates on the aforementioned platforms are general job seekers that get lost in the never-ending sea of postings. What the masses may not realize is that a total of 4-5 Million jobs are posted to a population of 55 Million self-employed creatives daily. That's a lotta people consuming tons of content.

Employers aren't just looking for well known big brands to get the word out, but also niche platforms that have a more targeted user-base seeking specific opportunities. Between Gigs New York offers a simple and affordable solution to companies looking to get the most bang for their buck by landing the most qualified candidates in a reasonable amount of time.

How can BGNY provide value to your company? Great question. Read below.

  • 30 day free trial
  • Niche social job board focusing on the NYC market
  • View candidate profiles
  • Simple signup process
  • Track and manage applicants
  • Search candidates by location | name | and transferable skill
  • Qualified passive candidate pool
  • Send multiple job offers
  • Message candidates directly
  • Export emails and stats
We work with a variety of companies within many industries ranging from hotels, cafes, babysitting companies, theaters, arts education organizations, non-profits, dog walking companies, promotional modeling companies, and more.

If your company or organization is offering part-time work in the NYC area or remote opportunities worldwide feel free to send us an email at: at your earliest convenience. Look forward to hearing from you and happy posting!

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